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The Indian society is faced with a need to make unprecedented and historic change in a very short time. We have already embarked on a journey to become a self sustained and developed nation, but still a lot needs to be done to realize this dream. The burden to reach the zenith lies on the youth of today as well as the children who will be men tomorrow. Someone has rightly said – Children of today will be the torchbearers of tomorrow.

Though our nation has been a front runner in all the fields for past few decades, a holistic growth of every class of our society has still been a fleeting dream because of illiteracy amongst the underprivileged.

Every Indian dreams of a brighter and stronger India but a few of them take a step further towards realizing the INDIAN DREAM. One such Indian is Mr. Absar Shamsh Sohail, who through his conviction and determination brought into existence The Galaxy Youth Organization which saw the light of the day on the 15th of August 2001.

The motive behind establishing this organization is to create awareness about the need of basic education among the underprivileged and to provide basic amenities and support for the schooling of their children.

Aims and Objective of Galaxy Youth Organization :
There are following aims and objective of galaxy youth organization
1) To provide free education to orphan children as well to those children whose parents cannot afford to bear the cost of education.
2) Initiatives taken by the organization to bring awareness are mentioned below:
a) Creating an awareness among the people about the importance of education in their lives.
b) Providing basic education to the children of the area .
c) Using pamphlets to spread awareness about our program.
d) Conducting an educational survey of the locality.
e) To inculcate in the children a desire to learn by conducting educational and cultural
activities like:
i) Organizing debates.
ii) By organizing the educative competitions.
iii) By organizing art competitions.
iv) Using new technologies like computers and over head projectors for teaching.
f) Providing basic study materials and stationary to the poor and need children to help them
with their studies.
3) To start a proper affiliated English medium school in due course of time to provide a proper education system.
4) Providing a facility to poor students preparing for various competitive exams to help them realize their dreams.
5) Establishing a well equipped library within the proposed school premise catering to the needs of all the students as well providing internet facility to the students
6) Establishing a proper hostel with all required amenities for out stationed students as well as a canteen for both the students and the staff. The cost of fooding and boarding shall be incurred by the organization.
7) Encourage students to carry out door sports activities for which a sports teacher shall be recruited.
8) Construction of a medical clinic in school campus.
9) Social initiatives taken by the organization:
a) Arranging blood donation camps and routine health checkup camps for the people in and
around the locality.
b) Creating an awareness among the people about the importance of environment by
organizing seminars.
c) Creating awareness among the people about health and hygiene as well as make them
aware of the harmful effects of drinking, smoking and use of drugs.
d) Making people aware of their civic duties.
e) Creating an awareness about the ills of the society like dowry system, child marriage and
people’s responsibility towards their parents.
f) Educating the farmers about the modern farming technologies and helping them in irrigation
by providing water supply, electricity, roads etc.
g) Creating an awareness amongst the people about the family planning and childcare.

The management and working of this organization rests on the shoulders of these young citizens.

Mr Mansoor Ali (Patron)
Absar Shamsh Sohail (President)
Akhter Ali (Vice Presidient)
Md.Daud (General Secretary)
Noor Mohammad (Secretary)
Abu Farah (Joint Secretary)
Md. Faiyaz (Treasurer)
Md Irshad Alam(The Manager)
H.R Usmani(The co-ordinator)
Md. JahangirRahmat Hussain
Md. Tahir Khan
Akbar Ali
Mehboob Alam
Mufeez Alam
Ashhar Jami Sohail
Dr. Jasim
shahnawaz khan(sonu)
Nisar Ali
Akbar Ali(2)
Nadeem Ahmad
Mohammad Azharuddin
Syed Ejaz Alam
Shahzada Jahangir
Ghulam Usmani
Shahnawaz Hussain
Iftekhar Ahmad Khan
Shahzadi Begum
Nikhat Perween
Naaz Perween
Ajmal Hussain
Faiyaz Alam
Qamar Ali
Zamir Arif
Our organization , in the pursuit of this noble cause needs support from our fellow Indians.Your appreciation and your contribution towards our endeavors in changing the lives of our youth will provide us with the impetus and encouragement to work harder towards this effort of ours. Donations of any amount will help us to serve this cause better.COME BE A PART OF THIS MISSION....
Following are the account details for the donations to be sent:
ACCOUNT NO-544502010003138

Contact Us :
Absar Shamsh Sohail
Phone No : +91-9835966564